How to use TRAECE

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How to use TRAECE



How to use...




Find a partner:

1.1 Vocational College

1.2 Nursery school

1.1 Vocational College

1.1.1 Use the TRAECE network

1.1.2 Erasmus+ Mobility Projects …

1.2 Nursery school

1.2.1 Use the TRAECE network

1.1.1/1.2.1: TRAECE Mobility List

1.1.2 Erasmus+


Exchange about possible contents of an internship

2.1 Use the ECEC Competence Matrix of the project TRAECE for defining competence units and learning outcomes

2.2. Use the Useful TRAECE documents to select adequate content:

2.2.1 SeePro overview to see see which occupations in general are covered by the host and sending country

2.2.2 Mapping and Overlapping documents to see which occupations of the host country are matching to the sending country

2.2.3 EUROPASS Supplement Certificate to get informationabout the occupation in the host country


2.2.1 TRAECE SeePro overview

2.2.2 TRAECE / Mapping (e.g. DE - Educator)

2.2.3 TRAECE / Europass Certificate Supplement (e.g. DE - Educator)



Agreements on internship

- Agree on Partnership in general

- Agree on mobility of individual student

- Agree on matching and overlappingof the individual internship

- Memorandum of Understanding

- Learning Agreement


Preparation of mobility

- Preparatory documents

- ECVET How to organize….

- ERASMUS + How to organize

- ECVET Tool Kit

- Links…



- Theme Smart Mobility Assessments (database tools)

- ECVET Tool Kit

- individual agreements with host and sending partner concerning assessment (integration in MoU for next time)

- agreements in sending organization concerning recognition (What is obliged to fulfil)

- visit by sending ìnstitutions` teacher

- reports (daily task focus)

- Skype conference

- Blog

- Tests

- …

- Theme Smart Mobility Tool – Demo version (database tool)

- ECVET Tool Kit

- National approaches as examples and overview: (ES, DE; EST,…)


Evaluation of mobility

- students

- staff

- partner abroad

- …


Next steps

- closer cooperations

 (projects/class exchanges/staff exchanges, etc.)

- blended learning (further education of staff on certain topics; e.g. project based learning, etc

- hospitations of staff and assessments of students

- …